What We Do​

Message Creation​

In email marketing, message creation refers to the process of creating emails that are both compelling and concise. This includes creating an engaging subject line, personalized greetings, persuasive copy, and visuals. Additionally, it includes highlighting benefits, providing a clear call-to-action, and optimizing the email for mobile devices. Compliance testing and analytics provide ongoing improvement for improved engagement and outcomes.


HTML Design

When creating HTML emails, for email marketing it’s important to focus on making them responsive so that they look good on all devices. Use inline CSS to ensure display optimize images for loading and avoid using JavaScript. Test your emails across email clients. Make sure to include a plain text version, for accessibility purposes. Also remember to keep the content concise and visually appealing

Media Planning

In email marketing media planning encompasses tasks to ensure engagement and conversions. This includes choosing the content format, such, as text, images or videos creating appealing visuals and compelling copy segmenting the target audience scheduling optimal send times and monitoring performance metrics. The ultimate goal is to deliver the message to the individuals at the most opportune moment.


Lead Generation

Generating leads in email marketing is, about gathering contact information, from customers and nurturing them into becoming paying clients. This process usually involves crafting offers optimizing landing pages and forms segmenting the audience and delivering personalized content to encourage sign ups and guide prospects through the sales journey.


Delivery & Reporting

Mail delivery in email marketing refers to the process of sending emails to recipients, taking into account factors such as the sender’s reputation, the quality of the content, and whether or not the message has been filtered out of the recipient’s inbox. Reporting is the process of monitoring metrics, such as the number of open emails received, the number of clicks, the number of conversions, and the number of unsubscribes, to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and inform future tactics..



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